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Brass Candle Snuffer

Price: $ 310.00   (Household Items » Rock Hudson)

Brass Candle Snuffer.  Rock Hudson loved his candles.  They graced both the inside and outside of his home.  This is a snuffer that he carried to and fro.   He had mostly bee's wax candles and they burn so hot that if you blow them out and get wax on yourself, it will blister and sometimes may even re-light.  In turn you use the snufffer.  He lite candles almost every day.  This snuffer is from a castle in spain.IMG_0858 IMG_0858

  • Size: 12" l
  • Signed: no
  • Owned By: Rock Hudson
  • Type: Household Items


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Updated: Tuesday, 12 March 2019 20:48
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