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48 Star American Flag-few small tears

Price: $ 950.00   (Object d`Art » Rock Hudson)


48 Star American Flag-few small tears.

Rock Hudson brought this flag out from Winnetka, Ill. One of the few things.

He had it flying high since his childhood and hung it at all his other homes throughout his life, that he lived in until the 50 states flag came into circulation.  He kept this one as a keep sake. He would hang it every now and then even after there were 50 states just to pointe out that it had 48 stars.

He came out to Los Angeles in the mid 1940's in his first car a 1934 Ford.

  • Size: 92" l x 53" h
  • Signed: Defiance 2 ply moth proof bunting
  • Owned By: Rock Hudson
  • Type: Object d` art


IMG_1092 IMG_1092

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