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Where to start....I was lucky and worked hard when I found employment at A wonderful location.  I worked for Rock Hudson for ten years, from 1975 till 1985. I was there from the beginning of his Illness till the end. Up to eleven hours before his last breath on October 02, 1985. Some of my duties were handle travel plans, make large purchases, when he was sick to hold him up in his bed and be there for comfort and moral support when visitors would arrive,  open and answer his fan mail, keep the estate running efficient and tidy and handle the other managerial tasks that were required to run the Estate. I was his Good Friend, Estate Manager, Confidant, and in the end his Care Giver along with the live in nurses.

The main Heir to Rock Hudson's estate, along with the three Charities, was George Nader. George Nader was my God Father. I was also his  good friend and worked for him as His Estate Manager. Then, when he fell ill I became his Care Giver as well, along with the hospital staff at the Desert Hospital in Palm Springs, California and the staff at the Motion Picture Country Home in Calabasas, California. All the way up till the end, and his last breath, February 04, 2002. Rock Hudson had a Soul Mate by the name of Tom H. Clark. Two years before Rock Hudson's passing, and before Rock Hudson knew he was sick, they separated. When Rock Hudson found out about his illness, he and Tom Clark reunited. Tom Clark and Rock Hudson shared Rocks last moments together, along with the rest of the staff in Rock Hudson's House known as "The Castle".

Rock chose to be cremated and he wanted his ashes buried at sea in reflection with his love of the ocean. We left on a private yacht out of Marina Del Rey on a foggy day. His closest friends aboard. Some of the guests included Stockton Briggle, Mark Tillman, Ken Jillson, Al Roberts, Jack Scalia, Claire Trevor, Emily Torscha and George Nader among others. We Went out some miles, turned off the engines and Susan Stafford gave the eulogy from the bow of the ship. After she finished it, we proceeded to spread his ashes off the bow. With the ashes flowing from the urn, A sea gull came whisking up from the Starboard bow of the ship, out of nowhere, and flew up and over head. I was on the fly bridge with the captain and Rock Hudson's secretary. I looked over and noticed that the seagull had shat on the stomach of the secretary's dark blue sweater. There was solemn mood from all on board, accompanied by the quietness of the surroundings when suddenly we both broke out into tears and laughter. Everyone turned around and looked up at us, and to avoid embarrassment I said "That was Rock Hudson getting the last laugh." Everyone laughed. When the service was over, and after we motored back to the slip, we enjoyed a meal at the boat owners restaurant above the docks. We shared our favorite stories about Rock, ate and parted.

I inherited another of Rock Hudson's homes. This home was also owned by George Nader and George's Life Friend in Bermuda Dunes, California. When Rock Hudson passed on, Tom Clark moved out of The Castle and into my home in Bermuda Dunes, California where I had entered with him into a Life Estate Lease. Tom Clark was lost and felt all alone. We had been good friends for years, but I felt we too had become Soul Mates, especially having gone through so much together. So as his Good Friend, I shared the responsibility of caring for him until he passed in 1996 along with his family and the staff at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

I was also loaned out to some of Rocks friends periodacally to assist  and help them with their lives and homes.  Some of the notables would include Elizabeth Taylor, Roddy Mcdowell, Tab Hunter, Vincent Price and Carol Burnett.  I worked for Allan Shane, head of Warner Brothers Studios and his friend Norman Sunshine, A famous sculpter,  at their homes.

Today when someone asks me questions about my life or asks me to tell a specific story about something, I can't help but include these fine people in my stories. They were a big part of my life. Because of my affiliation with these fine men & women, this is how I acquired the collection that I am now offering for sale through this web site. I also own their Home Movies of which I have sold pieces to A & E-True Hollywood Story, 20 /20, 60 Minutes, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Current Affair, and many, many more. The list goes on. I have done truthful articles in The Tabloids, Magazines and Newspapers.


I have been with the Estate of Rock Hudson for 40 years. I know that both Rock Hudson and George Nader would have been pleased to know that their possessions would now be available to there fans.












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My Randolph Brooks painting
# 12
Tuesday, 22 April 2014
my mom was a star in 50's and I found 2 works by Mr Brooks
Mine are mushrooms in wax paper and also Strawberries in wax paper
Looking to sell
Would you be looking?
Please let me know
How lovely a tribute to Mr Hudson . A fabulous artist and man thank for writing it.

As was Mr Brooks!
Have a blessed day
# 11
Friday, 24 January 2014
Douglas Clark
I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to acquire the beautiful cufflinks and the surprise extra gift.
Rock (Roy) was the true Prince of Hollywood and always will be. Thanks for your wonderful site and without you there would be no preservation of a true American Icon's memory.

Thank you very much indeed!
Doug Clark
Your letter....
Friday, 24 January 2014
Martin Flaherty
Thank you for that wonderful letter. I feel as though Rock deserved so much more than just fading into the darkness. He sure did love his fans as well.
Thank you
# 10
Monday, 23 December 2013
Dorrie Lightfoot
Marty I just wanted to thank you so much for all you're doing for Rock in keeping his memory alive. I discovered your website a year ago and I've just been amazed at everything you've been able to do. I felt like I knew him more personally after viewing everything.
I have both your books that you've written and I love them! The pictures and the stories from someone who was there is wonderful.
I've been a fan since I was a kid in the 70's and have loved and admired this man so much. The circumstances of his death and what transpired after broke my heart. I can only hope that some day his name can be mentioned regarding his career as a wonderful actor without bringing up his sexuality as part of his indentity.
This must take a a lot of your time to do this and I wanted you to know what a blessing this has been to me and how much I appreciate all you're doing by helping everyone to know the real man and the truth about his life.
Your kind letter....
Tuesday, 24 December 2013
Martin Flaherty
Thank you and I am doing this for a man who deserved it. Since so many have just let him fall to the side and not care any longer, I felt that was unfair to say the least. Have a wonderful holiday and a very Merry Christmas.
This site Rocks!
# 9
Friday, 06 December 2013
Rafael Gracia (ralph)
Hey Marty, cool site. You are one blessed dude! I hope all the best comes through for you. God Bless you in all your good work. Your friends will always appreciate your gentel heart. And I am personaly honored to call your frind too! peace Bro. lovefulness to Julie , Rafa
Love Your Website!
# 8
Saturday, 14 September 2013
Marty, I am thoroughly enjoying your website! I had no idea of the breadth & scope of how many items it contains! WOW! Keep up the good work and give Julie a hug from us!
Rock Hudson
# 7
Tuesday, 03 September 2013
Wendy Nichols
Is there any of his cuff links?
rock my friend
# 6
Wednesday, 31 July 2013
i worked with rock in tha 70 he gave me several things would they be worth anything now to a collector i have a 45 record sent from london a 12 by 17 pencil drawing of him and his boat also i have several 3 d snap shots of rock......
Fraudulent sellers
# 5
Wednesday, 01 May 2013
Richard Irish
Some years back I contracted to buy on Ebay from a person called catgit007. I paid $169 for it, and never received anything.Wondering if you ever came across this address/handle? Thanks
# 4
Thursday, 14 June 2012
Danny and Kim Kuaana
Danny and I have enjoyed talking to you and Julie the past few days. It's a small world when you meet and have so much in common. Your neighbors in Room 158. Sugarloaf.
Rock Hudson's jaguar
# 3
Saturday, 16 January 2010
I believe that a white 1969 XKE Jaguar that I own may have been owned by Rock Hudson. Did he own a Jaguar?

Is there any way someone could check old records from Mr. Hudson's estate for a VIN number for the jaguar that he owned? We contacted the DMV in CA and they said they do not keep records over ten years. Any information on this matter would be appreciated.

Thank You,
I want to understand
# 2
Tuesday, 12 January 2010
ray priddy
I read the book "Idol". I've had to work hard and struggle to make ends meet and deal with a disablity. I hope Rock (roy) is happy.I think Roy had to struggle but let his ego get the best of him.Keep in touch I perused some of the items -= perhaps you can pick something for me to buy. My friend frames (for Yoko Ono)she lives nearby in upstate Ny. maybe he couuld frame some of the smaller pics.thanks Raymond Priddy 197 Porter Hollow Rd Port Crane NY 13833
# 1
Wednesday, 02 December 2009
Margaret Dent
What a wonderful site this is to browse and to deal with such wonderful people as you, Marty and Julie. Many thanks for your help and kindness and for dealing with my purchase with such understanding and so speedily.

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