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“At Home” With Rock Hudson: Book # 2
More On The Inside,
Stories From The Legend,
Very Few Have Heard
By: Martin F.J. Flaherty III

Well,  it is finally here...the second in  my series of "At Home" with Rock Hudson books!!!
It is about 20% larger that the first book and filled with many more images and wonderful photos than the first book.

I want to thank you all for being so patient. And...due to problems with the publisher and rather than delay its release further, I'm sorry to say that some of the over  800   photos look a bit more "vintage" than I would have liked. It's only a few, mind you. I said... there's nothing that can that can be done at this point without further delaying publication.
I will be selling the book on my site for much less than at Amazon or any others out there... plus if you get it here, I  can sign it personally to you!
Another difference in this volume from the last is that I will be accepting  pre-paid orders from my customers. That means, I can order a larger volume of copies for the first printing from the publisher, ensuring greater savings which will be reflected back to you.
Per usual, I accept PayPal with my on-line ordering, and as soon as I  have acquired a large enough volume of orders, I will go ahead and place it with the publisher, CreateSpace.  This will be the fastest way of aquiring a copy as it won't be out anywhere else for a short while longer.


Remember: this is the 2nd Volume in what I hope will one day become valuable  "collector's editions"; they are "Uncorrected Proofs" publisher or editor has had a chance to shrink the stories down to suit their specifications. It is the raw and honest and emotional accounting of what went on at Rock's Castle...straight from the horse's mouth
(yours truly)!

I know you Rock Hudson fans will be ecstatic with this new set of tales from the place your orders soon! And don't forget to include any special messages or names you want included in your autographed edition! Can't wait to hear from you!

The postage will be under $10.00 domestic.  I am trying to fix this right now.

Here are a few pages I scanned from the PROOF  copy of my book:
IMG0001 IMG0001
IMG0002 IMG0002
IMG0003 IMG0003
IMG0004 IMG0004
IMG0005 IMG0005
IMG0006 IMG0006
IMG0007 IMG0007
IMG0008 IMG0008
IMG0009 IMG0009


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