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Alma Whitaker; Bacchus Behave! The Lost Art Of Polite Drinking

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Alma Whitaker
Bacchus Behave! The Lost Art Of Polite Drinking
Copyright: 1933, Volume: , Edition:


This book is an Excellent Find!


The pages are crisp and the book almost seems unread.   I'm no expert but the others  have seen it and this is what I've been told.

While scanning, as I opend the pages, I put a little pressure on the binder.  I didn't want to put to much as personally, I would not know where that line is. 

In the photos, you can see it is springy, tight & mostly unread.  The corners are excellent, the pages lay flat and are not brittle. 


It has an inscription, by the author, Alma Whitaker, to Alice Nader, Mr. George Nader's mother.  And, of course, George Nader, the actor/author was also my god father. 

Myself and others have examined the book closely and found one flaw.   If you look at the photos you can see it on the binder.

  • Signed By:          AUTHOR To ALICE NADER
  • Inscribed:            Yes
  • Library Of:           George Nader
  • Cover:                 Hard
  • Publishing Co.:   Frederick A. Stokes Co.


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