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Harry Craddock; The Savoy Cocktail Book

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The Savoy Hotel was Rocks favorite place.  He stayed their often.  He even bought one of their bath tubs and they shipped it to his home in Beverly Hills, Ca. 

This book also includes FIVE Post Cards from the hotel that have never been sent. 

They were used by Rock as book marks. 

I left them where I found them.

There are some binding tears. Other than that, it is in excellent condition.  If you would like more photos of the book just ask.

Harry Craddock
The Savoy Cocktail Book
Copyright: ORIGINAL 1930, Volume: 1,  Edition: FACSIMILE 1983

  • Inscribed: No
  • Library Of: Rock Hudson
  • Cover: Hard
  • Publishing Co.: CONSTABLE & CO., LTD


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