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Paul Twitchell; Stranger By The River

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Paul Twitchell
Stranger By The River
Copyright: 1974, Volume: , Edition:

  • Signed By:
  • Inscribed: No
  • Library Of: Rock Hudson
  • Cover: Hard
  • Publishing Co.:


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Interest In The Stranger by the River (Blue Cover Edition)
# 1
Friday, 01 July 2016
Hi, i am interested in your book, Stranger By The River The 1rst Edition you are selling here and would like to make the purchase if you are able and willing to hold this till as long as the 4th,i will have the $ then or even earlier perhasps- but no later than the date posted above. It would mean alot to me, as i have searched for this copy and has been difficult to come by, let me know,thank you.

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