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Here is the other part of "A QUIET COUPLE" contract.  This is a very full file.

It is 156 pages and has at least 4 signatures by Rock Hudson and many signatures by other players involved. 

This again, is a wonderful piece of history.  Full of annotations and corrections.

All the negotioations, letters back and forth from Rock, his lawyers, the studios, etc.  Reading this you will feel what Rock felt as he enterted into this contract. 

See what his pay scale was.  Of course he was very well compensated. 

What else to say other than it could be yours to read and own a piece of history.




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"A Quiet Couple" contract
Saturday, 19 March 2011 08:18
Diane Markert
FOUR ROCK HUDSON SIGNATURES on a file once OWNED BY HIM!!! This, to me, seems a doubly valuable deal, as 2 of Rock's films are included in this paperwork, one from the above title which may have become 1969's "A Fine Pair", and "Children at Their Games", released as "Hornet's Nest." Fascinating--the changes from conception to the big screen,and remember Rock's...uneasiness--- in being cast against type in the second movie? Such Un-Rock-like behavior!

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