Final Farewell
Rock chose to be cremated and he wanted his ashes buried at sea in reflection with his love of the ocean. We left on a private yacht out of Marina Del Rey on a foggy day. His closest friends aboard. Some of the guests included Stockton Briggle, Mark Tillman, Ken Jillson, Al Roberts, Jack Scalia, Emily Torscha and George Nader among others. We Went out some miles, turned off the engines and Susan Stafford gave the eulogy from the bow of the ship. After she finished it, we proceeded to spread his ashes over the side. With the ashes flowing from the urn, A sea gull came whisking up from the Starboard bow of the ship, out of nowhere, and flew up and over head. I was on the fly bridge with the captain and Rock Hudson's secretary. I looked over and noticed that the seagull had shat on the stomach of the secretary's dark blue sweater. There was solemn mood from all on board, accompanied by the quietness of the surroundings when suddenly we both broke out into tears and laughter. Everyone turned around and looked up at us, and to avoid embarrassment I said "That was Rock Hudson getting the last laugh." Everyone laughed. When the service was over, and after we motored back to the slip, we enjoyed a meal at the boat owners restaurant above the docks. We shared our favorite stories about Rock, ate and parted.

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