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Alumunium 1950's ribbed Thermos with red cup

Price: $ 900.00   (Household Items » Rock Hudson)

Alumunium 1950's ribbed Thermos with red cup.  Rock used this Thermos for years.  He would be on the set and keep it full of coffee.  Sometimes his mother would fill and bring it to the set.  It can be seen in many photos.  A very personal and prized item.

  • Size: 9.5" h x 3" d
  • Signed: yes
  • Owned By: Rock Hudson
  • Type: Personal Item


IMG_1716 IMG_1716
IMG_1717 IMG_1717
IMG_1718 IMG_1718
IMG0084_copy IMG0084_copy

IMG0078_copy IMG0078_copy


IMG0085_copy IMG0085_copy





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