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Clear Ball Shaped Match Striker

Price: $ 1,100.00   (Household Items » Rock Hudson)

Clear ball shaped match striker.  These match strikers were all over the inside and outside of Rock Hudson's estate.  He did smoke, and he loved the novelty of the striker.  He would fill them with the "strike anywhere" matches.  As many as he had, that was a job in itself.  A fine piece.  You can see this match striker in one of the pictures on the proof sheet. 

IMG_0161 IMG_0161
IMG_0527 IMG_0527
  • Size: 3.35" dia.
  • Signed:
  • Owned By: Rock Hudson
  • Type: amtch Striker
  • Bottom: Flat


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Updated: Monday, 08 June 2020 00:05
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