Both he and George LOVED limericks.   When George Nader would visit, sometimes he would just walk in through the front door and into the courtyard and before the small talk they would gear up for a "Limerick Showdown."  George and Rock, would walk towards one another, then stop a short distance apart as though entering into a fist fight, then would just stare at one another.  Face to face, they would be loading up their brains for the showdown.   Socializing and Work around "The Castle" would stop for all and we would gather around to watch and listen.  The chitter-chatter of the staff and friends would slowly come to A  hush.  Everyone trying to relax there facial muscles and not laugh as we had seen these before and knew somewhat, what to expect. Everyone trying to wipe the tattooed smiles from our faces.   Anticipating what was going to happen, the mood would fall to an even Hmmm and  one would start to hear there own heart beating.  Rock would start with A "There once was a woman from Nantucket,.........,"  there would be a pause after he finished, accompanied by a scratch on the head from George,  a blank stare and then he might just look around.  George would then respond with A "I saw a brave man at the docks,.........",  every one around would break out in laughter only moments later go to quiet in anticipation on the next response. Also, because of the tension of the seriousness of it all.  After Rock calmed down his wonderful chuckles, he would go stoned faced, rest his Chin between his thumb and fore finger, face down and look up, then as if having a revelation, his face would bounce through a multitude of expressions.  After  catching his breath and trying not to laugh  he would calmly proceed with A  "I heard of a woman in Yorkshire who wore a bunt,.........."   Well, we would all fall apart, grasping at our cramping stomachs and rubbing our watering eyes.  Laughing so hard, no more sound come out of our fully opened mouths.  The small talk would ensue as the hilarity wound down and  they would go into the house.  Everyone else would go back to what they were doing and the day went on a little more "Chipper."

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