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Working with Rock
# 2
Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Mike Hummer
Hello -
From what I have read many of Rock's employees at his home were long term employees. It seems very much like a family environment. What was Rock like to work for and why do you think many of his employees remained loyal and stayed with him for many years ?

Thank You.
Thursday, 31 October 2013
Martin Flaherty
Rock did have his employees for long lengths of time for a handful of reasons. First: you had to trust them not to go to public such as tabloids, newspapers, news, etc to divulge private information. So when you developed a good trust, you kept it. Second: They were like family to him. We shared holidays, the good and the bad times, were confidants, advisers, and shoulders to cry on. He was great to work for, generous and caring like none other.

When Rock was sick and in bed towards the end, I was 24 yrs. old. I was called up by the Enquirer tabloid and offered $100,000.00 for a photo of Rock in bed. I didn't do it, though I didn't have much money. I stayed true to him as I do to all my friends today. I may not be rich, but I am rich with friendships.

Hope this answers your questions.

Rock escorting dates
# 1
Thursday, 10 October 2013
Tiffany P.
When Rock escorted "dates" to movie premiers, were these women chosen for him and set up by the studio or did he actually ask them to accompany him himself?
Tuesday, 29 October 2013
Martin Flaherty
Yes he was set up with dates and he selected his own as well. Check the full answer in newsletter #3.

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