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Rock Hudson Birthday
Nov 17 1925
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Happy Birthday Rock Hudson!

Rock Hudson  was born November 17th, 1925 on a bitter-cold night on Elm Street,in the  small, upscale suburb of Winnetka, Illinois,16 miles north of downtown Chicago. Doc Lowe from across the street delivered him, with the help of  his auntie  Pearl, in her white, starched nurse's uniform.  Time of birth: 2 a.m.. He was a  fine baby boy, 5 1/2 pounds, 27 inches long, with a thatch of shining black hair. Roy was his name, Roy Harold Scherer, back then, "Junior" or "Sonny" to everyone. See Rock's only known baby picture.  Link: Click Here.

Junior had his father's twinkling eyes and straight, warm grin, and from the time of his birth, his Grandma Wood on his mother's side always knew there was something special in store for this tiny grandson.   A quarter of a century later, "Junior" had metamorphasized into " Rock Hudson" , a splendid, strapping,  speciman of a man, that ready smile sending a thrill through audiences all over the world.  Link:  Click Here

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