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Christmas at the Castle
Dec 25 1984
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Christmas comes but once a year.

And Rock really loved it. Right about now, most of his home would have been decorated---top to bottom---with a variety of festive flowers, plants, and a scattering of decorated trees throughout the rooms. Mantels, doorways, tables, shelves...every available space was adorned with holiday displays and Rock's collections of Christmas decorations from all over the world. And the big man might be in the basement, rummaging through his wrapping papers and ribbons and bows to wrap each gift himself---after finding the precisely right item for each person on his list, of course.

Rock loved the tree-trimming parties, the Open Houses, the holiday feasts replete with Mr. Turkey's "gizzies". One Christmas custom was to fly down to Disney for his annual narration of their Candlelight Procession. And decorations weren't relegated to only inside the Castle---the grounds sparkled and glittered and glowed, as well! Rock really got into the Spirit of Christmas!

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