November 17th, 2011

Famous Celebrities Born on November 17

*Issac Hanson of the Hanson Brothers *Olympic diving gold medalist Laura Wilkinson*"Mean Girls" actress Rachel McAdams * Lee Strasberg, acting teacher*Tom Seaver, pitched Met's World Series Victory '69 *Danny DeVito, comic actor "Taxi"  *Canadian Singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot * RuPaul VH1 crossdresser star*"Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michel  *Daisy Fuentes, Actress, "America's  Funniest Home Videos"* Lauren Hutton, supermodel, actress, spokesperson
And then there was.....

******Rock Hudson******

In honor of the tall, dark, and handsome Superstar's birthday, from now through November 17th, we at are having a SPECIAL ONE-TIME BIRTHDAY BASH!  Check it out here Click Here.

Rock Hudson  was born  86 years ago, this month,  on a bitter-cold night on Elm Street,in the  small, upscale suburb of Winnetka, Illinois,16 miles north of downtown Chicago. Doc Lowe from across the street delivered him, with the help of  his auntie  Pearl, in her white, starched nurse's uniform.  Time of birth: 2 a.m.. He was a  fine baby boy, 5 1/2 pounds, 27 inches long, with a thatch of shining black hair. Roy was his name, Roy Harold Scherer, back then, "Junior" or "Sonny" to everyone. See Rock's only known baby picture.  Link: Click Here.

Junior had his father's twinkling eyes and straight, warm grin, and from the time of his birth, his Grandma Wood on his mother's side always knew there was something special in store for this tiny grandson.   A quarter of a century later, "Junior" had metamorphasized into " Rock Hudson" , a splendid, strapping,  speciman of a man, that ready smile sending a thrill through audiences all over the world.  Link:  Click Here

He worked with such Hollywood  royalty as Jane Wyman,  Link: Click Here  Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean,   Link:  Click Here Doris Day, Link:  Click Here  Lauren Bacall, Link:  Click Here  was well-loved in his television series  McMillan & Wife.  Click Here

The list of his accomplishments seem endless, from musical productions with Carol Burnett, Link: Click Here to television miniseries Link:  Click Here  and tributes. Link:  Click Here

To this day, America  has not forgotten him. Turner Classic Movies Link: Click Here will show four of his  movies on the morning of his birthday: Rock's first film, Fighter Squadron('48), his epic Giant ('56) which won him his only Academy Award nomination, Ice Station Zebra (Rock's favorite),  Link: Click Here and Something of Value, with Sidney Poitier.  Link: Click Here 

Glee, Fox's top-rated and popular T.V. show, recently made mention of him(see the quote on this link). Link:  Click Here

The photographs on our site are the ones Rock had in his files. Some have never been seen before. These photographs are the ones he held in his very hands; they were HIS.  Many of the photographs are from his own camera, private moments, and no one outside the walls of his house have seen them. Personal studio stills to 10 X 14 inch portraits from professional and celebrated photographers. Rock adored his fans, and he would love the fact he would have loved the fact that he can now share these precious memories from his life with you.  Remember Rock as his birthdate fast approaches, and make some memories of your own.



Hey all you "Ice Station Zebra", Rock Hudson fans:

Recently I had the great opportunity to provide the photography for a wonderful new  book written by screenwriter, director / producer and author William Byron Hillman entititled "Zebra's rock and Me", which has been published by Smashwords and is now available on Amazon's Kindle.

I highly encourage all of you to check out  Bill's story, of how his work on this film with Rock Hudson changed not only the course of his career but his outlook in helping others and--- in the author's own words---" altered my life forever".

Link: Zebra Rock and Me

Link:  Rock Hudson Blog.

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