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Egyptian Figurine- Long Minus Feet

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Historical Information: This item is an Egyptian USHABTI.  Ushabtis are magical statues found in tombs and sometimes strewn around excavation sites, left by tomb raiders as they were mainly after the gold and larger artifacts. Egyptians believed these Ushabtis would come to life and serve the dead in their after life and do the  unpleasant chore's and tasks the deceased might be called upon to perform in the afterlife. Because the daily life of ancient Egyptians centered on agriculture, these Ushabtis took on the appearance of field workers. They were mummiform, so as to be identified with Osiris, the god of the dead, but their hands were protruding from the bandages so they could do the work.

George Nader was asked to be a guest at  the International Film Festival in Egypt, Hosted by President Nasser.  Nader is a Lebanese name and George happened to be President Nasser's favorite actor.  The event featured such talent as Roger Moore, Shelly Winters and Robert Conrad among others.  It was a major event.  President Nasser put the talent up in hotels, but asked George Nader to personally be his guest at his palace.  George happily agreed.  George Nader was given a V.I.P. tour of the Pyramids, The Sphinx, The Valley of the Kings  and the rest of the sights in the area.  Upon leaving he was presented with an array of gifts.  One of which was this piece.  This piece comes with a copy of the photo album of this trip and includes copies of Film Festival programs and  more.Thispiece and the other pieces of Egyptian Antiquities we have for sale were not looted, as most were, weather in recent years or long ago, but given as gifts by the then President Nasser To George Nader himself.  A true buy!!!!!!




  • Size:  Approx. 3"L
  • Signed: yes
  • Owned By: George Nader
  • Type: Object d` art


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