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Egyptian-Leather Bound Photo Album containing 33 pics

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This handsome leather bound photo album was given to George Nader when he participated in the International Film Festival in Egypt hosted by President Nasser.  This album was given to all the participants and documented the goings on. Each copy was different then the next.  HIghlighting the individual stars.   Copies of the photos will accompany some of the Egyptian Antiquities for sale in this web site.  This is an absolute wonderful piece of history.


  • Size:  Approx.  19" x 12"
  • Signed: yes
  • Owned By: George Nader
  • Type: Objects d` Art


IMG_0690 IMG_0690
IMG_0691 IMG_0691
IMG_0692 IMG_0692
IMG_0693 IMG_0693
IMG_0694 IMG_0694
IMG_0695 IMG_0695
IMG_0696 IMG_0696
IMG_0697 IMG_0697
IMG_0698 IMG_0698
IMG_0699 IMG_0699
IMG_0700 IMG_0700
IMG_0701 IMG_0701
IMG_0702 IMG_0702
IMG_0703 IMG_0703
IMG_0704 IMG_0704
IMG_0705 IMG_0705
IMG_0706 IMG_0706
IMG_0707 IMG_0707
IMG_0708 IMG_0708


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