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World War II Survival Kit

Price: $ 250.00   (Personal Items » George Nader)

World War II survival kit with fishing instructions-complete and never used.  George was stationed on Johnson Island in the Pacific and was issued this kit.  He was a communications officer.

  • Size: 9.5" l x 4" d rolled up
  • Signed: yes
  • Owned By: George Nader
  • Type: Personal Item


IMG_1126 IMG_1126
IMG_1127 IMG_1127
IMG_1128 IMG_1128


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Young George Nader's picture on the back of oval mirror

Price: $ 300.00   (Personal Items » George Nader)


IMG_1411 IMG_1411
IMG_1412 IMG_1412

Young George Nader on back of oval mirror (cracked).  This was one of his mothers keep sakes.  She carried it in her purse.

  • Size: 2.75" l x 2" w
  • Signed: no
  • Owned By: George Nader
  • Type: Personal Item


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