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Set in Paris during World War I. Lili Smith/Schmidt is a German spy being requested to go under cover to help Germany during the war, to try and find out their plans. Her "uncle" wishes her to fulfill the operation, whereas one of his colleagues believed she is not capable of performing such an operation as she is British. She soon finds herself following Major William Larrabee's every move and spending all her time either with him or thinking of him. Her "uncle" realises she's in love with him but Lili is not facing that she is. Things & people are coming between her true fate. But what is it...


  •  Julie Andrews...Lili Smith (Schmidt)
    Rock Hudson...Major William Larrabee
    Jeremy Kemp...Colonel Kurt Von Ruger
    Lance Percival...T.C. Carstairs
    Michael Witney...Lt. George 'Youngblood' Carson
    Gloria Paul...Crepe Suzette
    Jacques Marin...Major Duvalle
    André Maranne...Lt. Liggett
    Bernard Kay...Bedford
    Doreen Keogh...Emma
    Carl Duering...General Kessler
    Vernon Dobtcheff...Otto Kraus - Kessler's goon
    Laurie Main...French general
    Louis Mercier...French general
    Arthur Gould-Porter...Sergeant Wells
  • A very troubled production, the film went way over budget and was a box office flop when released. Blake Edwards used the experience of making this film as the inspiration for the script to S.O.B. (1981).
  • Because of the students' rebellion and strike that paralyzed Paris in May 1968, the movie producers moved to Brussels to film the major scenes (June-July 68). For example, it was possible to use the Superior Court building and transform the ground floor into a Paris railroad station with fake trains and a waiting room and all the other accessories.
  • The manager in charge of hiring the extras to shoot a scene in the Palais De Justice (Superior court) in Brussels in lieu of the Paris railroad station gave away a fixed number of tickets and requested the ticket holders to come back for work around midnight. Some of the left wing activists (socialists) bought a roll of the identical tickets and passed them out to mostly students from the nearby University (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and asked them to show up before midnight. Because they were there early, they were able to get into the court house with no problem. They were given costumes almost right away, and when the real extras showed up, the guys in charge were puzzled that there were so many in line considering that the huge hall was already half full. It took them minutes before they figured that they had been fooled and outsmarted by the local activists. They were forced to turn away those who had the phony tickets and accept only few of the legitimate hired extras.
  • The role of Major Duvalle was originally offered to Benny Hill.
  • Most of the movie was filmed in the spring of 1968.


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