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 Rock Hudson...Police Commissioner Stewart 'Mac' McMillan / ... (40 episodes, 1971-1977)
John Schuck...Sgt. Charles Enright / ... (29 episodes, 1971-1977)
Susan Saint James...Sally McMillan (25 episodes, 1971-1976)
Nancy Walker...Mildred (21 episodes, 1971-1976)



San Francisco attorney Stewart MacMillan is named commissioner of the San Francisco police department. With his pretty, but somewhat kooky, wife Sally, his hard drinking housekeeper Mildred and his assistant, the somewhat dimwitted, Seargent Charlie Enright, Mac manages to solve some of San Francisco's most baffling crimes. Written by Brian Washington {}

In the latter 1960s Stewart McMillan, a Navy veteran and attorney, is named commissioner of the SFPD. In this capacity he becomes involved, to a degree unusual for police commissioners, in a series of criminal investigations, frequently aided by his wife Sally, a mystery buff who is well-meaning but frequently of an inferior mind but nonetheless is able to prove herself. Also assisting Commissioner McMillan are his partner, Sgt. Charles Enright, a loyal if somewhat ineffectual officer who worked for a private detective agency and thus gained the experience needed to join the force, and McMillan's tart-tongued housekeeper.


  • Both Susan Saint James and Nancy Walker left the show at the end of the 1975-1976 season. St. James because of a contract dispute, and Walker because she had just signed a contract with A.B.C..
  • To explain St. James's not being on the show, the producers decided to have Sally die in a plane crash.
  • Martha Raye made several earlier appearances as Agatha before becoming a regular on the show.
  • Mac was in the Naval Reserves where he served as a JAG officer.
  • Part of the original Sunday NBC Mystery Movie with rotated with the series "McCloud (1970) and _"Columbo" (1971)_.


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