Thanksgiving Story


      Rock Hudson loved collections. He liked Majolica and Wedgwood; as a matter of fact I still have several pieces of antique Wedgwood in the "Beatrice" pattern, which he and his new wife, Phyllis Gates had collected or perhaps received as wedding gifts in back in 1955. "Beatrice" is a dark brown transferware pattern of a cherrywood blossom border and ribboned strips in the center; it is a very distinctive pattern first produced in 1880. This distinctive tableware appeared on plates and tureens in a process which involed transferring images or patterns from an engraved copper plate onto paper and then the pottery. The Wedgwood patterns of flora and fauna in the 1800's appealed to romantic, eccentric tastes, and perhaps that is why Rock liked these pieces.

     Rock also loved to eat. Loved the down-home meat-and-potatoes type of cooking. Loved holidays and parties and entertaining, and to him---Thanksgiving or any other day---there was nothing he loved better'n a plateful of turkey or chicken gizzards! The  first housekeeper he had when he made it big---Joy---used to make pots of "gizzies" for Rock. A most unusual taste, for sure, but Rock was just a Midwestern boy at heart, and he liked turkey and dressing as well! You wouldn't have to use these serving dishes for just gizzards!

     What an engaging addition to any Thanksgiving table this old Wedgwood he once owned  would make! Martha Stewart  would  probably use these pieces with mismatched antique silverware,  perhaps real birtchbark chargers, and a wheatstalk centerpiece tied with a wide silken ribbon. Throw in your fall-colored dishes. Add Spode glasses and individual crystal salt and pepper shakers, maybe a Chris Madden Harvest Print tablecloth and this Wedgwood, combined with any or all  of the other collectibles from Rock's site, will set an elegant and very unique table on Turkey Day! Gobble, gobble.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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